How to use the Database selector

To get to the actual databases or source pages in the Digital Archives, you can either do a quick search in the search box or you do a selection from the drop down menus.

The buttons Our 100 most recent and Show the "pensjonat" rooms direct you to lists of the 100 most recent databases we have published and of the guests in the Digital Inn with a link to their "rooms" (presentation). You can click on these buttons anytime in the search process.

Quick search

Write the title of a database or part of it in the textbox and click the Search-button. The search is case sensitive in the way that writing "Manger" gives a list of all the titles with words/names starting with manger (e.g. Baptisms in Manger), while writing "manger" in the text box displays all the words/names containing manger (e.g. Baptisms in Bremanger). You can write several words in the text box, even numbers. It is not necessary to truncate.

Make a selection in the drop-down menus

Start in whatever menu you want and click to open it. Select what you want by clicking on it. You can only select one item from the list. It is not necessary to press enter on your keyboard or click on the Search-button, the changes will be automatic. Notice that some menus have submenus in which you can narrow your selection. Further below on the page you will find a counter telling you how many databases there are in your selection. Use the button Show all ... to display the databases, or Abandon all choices to empty the search and start over.