The 1801 Census

Pr. 15. January 2009 the 1801 census is published in a new edition. The database has been checked and corrected, although a thourough correction for all teh data has not been executed.

The work as done at the National Archives 2007-2008 by Frøydis Bryhn Ross under supervision of Lars Nygaard:

  1. systematic control of all the farm names
  2. control of the error messages registered in the proof reading form in the Digital Archives - errors reported after 13.06.2008 has not been checked
  3. control of error messages reported elsewhere, e-mail etc.
  4. control of women's last name: systematic computer errors corrected, last names registered in the remark field, moved back to last name field, etc.
  5. double give names registered with _ are corrected to the original form without _
  6. control of the sex registration - standardised to M (male) and K (female)
  7. farm records and person records are added
  8. the census lists for Kautokeino, Finnmark county has been registered and added
  9. 46 persons at the farm Winge in Hemne parish are registered and added
  10. some smaller corrections in single files

The database can be searched in single parishes or as one large database for the entire country.

15. January 2009, the Digital Archives, ASC